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So… You’re Moving? Wait..where are you?

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Now I know I’ve been giving you a lot of religious references to love, and I’m not trying to preach to you or anything by any means, but these facts are definitely rooted in truth and logic. Just think about it.. If you’re always trying to find “The One” you could be overlooking them! Plus how are you suppose to become who you NEED to become without having experiences with people who are not the best fit for you? All of these mistakes and chances and opportunities you receive will add up to you finding who you need…just when you need them. Isn’t that beautiful?

Now I’m sure some of you are like.. “SURE, dat soundsss easy enough. But that NEVER happens, wtf.” ..Okayy. Keep being a negative Nancy and searching through that needle-stack to find your hay. I’ve seen plenty of couples and heard beautiful stories from what I’ve mentioned above to believe it.

Of course you’re taking this advice from a happily single chick. So take this advice with a grain of salt if you don’t have high blood pressure.

About Others

This is tricky because I love people.

But there’s something everyone should realize…a lot of people out there are filled with hate. I mean who can blame them? It’s not like we’re living in some magically perfect utopia with chocolate trees where the points don’t matter. People do some crazy things. Just the other day I saw some girl twerking on some dude’s head (okay that probably wasn’t the best example, but you know what I mean).

Just know that you can never truly know someone. Just be as honest and upfront with people as you can. If they do something you don’t like, you must let them know. If someone hurts you, you have to let them go. There are billions of people in the world, and you don’t have to let any of them ruin your life. It’s YOUR life, you can choose who you want to be in it. Just make sure they are positive for you and your goals in EVERY way.

Also…go ahead and get back in contact with that friend you haven’t talked to in a while. It makes their day… even if they seem like they’re too busy at the time.

So.. go LIVE.

I’m in Vegas.
I’m following my dream.
I’ve already met tons of new, amazing people.
I can only keep going up from here.

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing I’ll give you my weekly breakdown. Usually in the morning I go for a run or hike, followed by lunch and watching a movie on TV if I get up early enough. We don’t have Wifi yet so I’ve been going to the Library, Sams Club or McDonalds to get on the internet to look for jobs and update my social media.

Monday: Open Mic at the Beat
Tuesday: Acting class
Wednesday: Sam Ash Open Mic
Thursday: The Orleans or MoneyPlays
Friday: MoneyPlays Open Mic

It’s a lot to do Open Mics every night of the week almost, but it’s great for meeting people and getting the stage time that I’ve lacked over my years. On Tuesdays before class I usually update my songs that I’m working on.
My new job starts this Friday and I’ll be working for 3-4 hours during the day as a Martial Arts instructor for kids. I can’t wait. I need the money, haha.

Then I finally put an end to my life Michigan. Told my jobs I was moving on. Cancelled my gym membership. Began telling my close friends where I would be headed. The universe was sending me the strongest signs I have ever felt, so I finally followed the signs and packed my bags.

A lot of things happen when you move. You find out who (and what) is really meant to be in your life and who (and what) you must leave behind for good. I thankfully have tons of friends who are beyond supportive. The amount of likes on my nonchalant status about leaving makes me feel so blessed. Then I had some people come out of the woodwork, texting me and wishing the best for me. People are so good. Then, there is of course, those one or two people who you would expect to say something to you..and they just don’t. How saddening. Life is too short for grudges though, which is why I don’t hold them.

Nevertheless I’m going to put myself in the best location for my pursuit of fame.. the wild wild West!
I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be doing (a lot have asked), but I do know that I love music, I love rapping, I love dancing, and I love entertaining people. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find my passion out in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Right now I’m living the old people life. Go to the elderly gym, pajamas by 8:30 PM. I did apply for some jobs down here in Springfield with the hopes of meeting some friends.
Why did I apply at Hooters? Such a contradiction to my style, but looks fun. Let’s be real I just do things for the stories that come out of them later.
I did already get an interview for a serving position tomorrow. Hey, gotta save that money for Vegas.
And clothes. I love clothes.

The next thing on my list of to-dos is to find a local studio to record at.

Intro (JackieG)
Afrojack – Take Over Control
KDrew feat. Tricosta – Young and Reckless
Zedd – Clarity (feat. Foxes)
Akon – Beautiful (feat. Colby ODonis)
Zedd – Spectrum
Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child
Krewella – Alive
Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch)
Sebastian Ingrozzo & Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind)
David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) (feat. Sia)

I named it driving because it’s the perfect blend of singable lyrics and pumping bass to get you through a short commute or the first parts of a journey. Enjoy!

Pictures from the Red Wood forest, San Fransisco, and the Pacific ocean.

So I found this pose on Pinterest last year when I ordered my Land’s End Canvas green chinos. I loved the way she paired her sweater, button up and pants. I was determined to have an outfit like that.

A few weeks ago upon visiting Chicago and going into the Forever 21 store, I found my polka-dot sweater. My outfit was almost complete. My boss at Land’s End gave me some clothes that didn’t fit her..cue white button-up. I decided to pair the look with my yellow chucks and BOOM! Dream completed.

I am so thankful for fashion, the way it makes you feel, the confidence it gives you. The feeling you get when walking down the street. This was the kind of outfit that made me feel famous, before I even am.

  • Land’s End Canvas Chino Slim leg pants
  • Forever 21 sweater
  • Eddie Bauer Button-up
  • (cold weather) Land’s End Down Vest
  • Geneva Rose Gold watch (four links removed)
  • Converse Chuck Taylors

When the weather changes (get a little cold), don’t sacrifice style and throw on a vest!

Well this trip hasn’t began in the most ideal way. Before I relay this story I will preface by saying that I completely blame myself. Who knew that airports didn’t allow tonfas? A Tonfa is a small martial arts weapon I had attached to my keychain “just in case” I was attacked, according to my past instructor that is. It was always an object of question of interest among my friends, even though they know my resume. according to Airport security I might as well just had brought in a Ninja star. Awesome….

After many tears, $50, and a flight change I was on my way to California again without a hitch..until the Mechanical delay that is. It began as a half-hour delay because the “heat wasn’t working”.  I waited in line and got my connecting flights rebooked for another city and time, I was suppose to get in at 10:59pm instead of the original 7pm. After a half-hour of waiting, the half hour delay transformed into a 3-hour delay. I raced to the line to change my flight, waiting as several people in front of me attempted to get out of Michigan and to their destinations.

In line I could hear announcements from other terminals, “Boarding to Chicago..” “Boarding to Detroit…” and in the back of my mind I was wondering if I should be trying to get on these flights. With my phone dead I could not rebook via an agent on the phone like the others behind me, so I was leaving my fate in the hands of the lone Delta agent ahead of me. Thirty minutes elapsed. A flight to Minneapolis departed. I was nervous, but in my head I kept praying “Let me make it to California..I will get to California”

I made it to the desk. The attendant had to print off tickets, so I waited five more minutes. Finally she began the process of re-booking my flight. I could no longer make any connecting flights to LA or even Sacramento.. so I thought of the nearby airports and offered San Fransisco as an option. I could see the light-bulb go off in the attendant’s head. She did some quick typing, paging through her options on the computer screen I could not read.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. She looked across the isle at the flight that was boarding, picked up the phone and asked the attendant if there were any flights. “One seat?” I heard the attendant ask. “Okay good because I have a passenger here who needs to get on.” Needless to say, I ran and grabbed my stuff. After 5 hours in the airport I waited for the tickets to print and then I was on my way to Atlanta.

I met some wonderful people on my journey. A family man in the bar who highly regarded San Fransisco, and a woman who sat next to me on the plane who was from San Fransisco. She had an exciting life and wonderful family. She was heavily involved with Accapella, definitely reminiscent  of Pitch Perfect. I was meant to land in San Fransisco to be able to see it.

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